What's the difference between JoinRoom and OpJoinRoom?

I see a lot of similarly-named functions, some prefixed with 'Op': what's the difference between those and the ones without the prefix?


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited May 12
    Hi @Dave_A,

    Good question.
    There is no difference.

    The 'Op' prefix is added to Realtime layer, specifically LoadBalancingClient and LoadBalancingPeer classes to explicitly say that this method will send an 'Op'eration request to the server.

    PUN's methods are wrapper around LoadBalancingClient's 'Op' methods.
    For convenience we removed the 'Op' prefix from PUN.

    Example: PhotonNetwork.JoinRoom calls LoadBalancingClient.OpJoinRoom.

    There could be of course tiny little differences like extra checks added to PUN variant, PUN support for offline mode, etc.
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