Photon Error: This should never be possible?

Hi, I'm running PUN 1.8 and occasionally when I have two GameObjects instantiated at the same time, I get an error that reads "PHOTON ERROR: This should never be possible: Two PhotonViews with same ID registered ..."

I did some searching a I found an older thread discussing a similar problem: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1289 However, everyone in that thread was getting the issue in 1.7, with the promise to have it fixed in 1.8. Can anyone tell me if it actually got fixed? If not, I'm inclined to believe that the root of my problem might be something different that simply instantiating two GameObjects in the same frame, although this seems unlikely as it only occurs when two GameObjects are instantiated at nearly the same time.

One thing I noticed in the other thread was that most people were able to solve their problem by making sure GameObjects are not instantiated in the same frame. However, this is impossible for me because the player needs to determine when to instantiate objects and setting up a queue to instantiate them all in separate frames requires too much overhead. Is there another workaround someone can recommend, if the problem persists?


  • Leepo
    Updating to the latest version should be very easy and painless, is there any reason why you want to stick to 1.8?

    The problem has indeed been fixed in newer versions, but your PhotonViews on your prefabs or scene objects can still be corrupted. Re-attach the PhotonViews with the latest PUN to get rid of this for sure (Although opening the inspector view of every PhotonView could be enough as well).

    " by making sure GameObjects are not instantiated in the same frame."
    That's def. an old bug that has been fixed.