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    Hi @joemin,

    Thank you for choosing Photon and for your detailed report!

    My first question is why do you need a VoiceConnection (PhotonVoiceNetwork) per scene?
    Why don't you use the same VoiceConnection (PhotonVoiceNetwork) across scenes?
    After all PhotonVoiceNetwork is a singleton.
    And if you allow PUN's PhotoonHandler to persist then why you make an exception for PhotonVoiceNetwork and don't mark it as DontDestroyOnLoad? or have a custom script that "handles its startup"?

    Otherwise I don't know why it takes 15~30 seconds.
    Not sure what is taking longer? establishing connection + custom auth (to master server)? joining voice room (on game server)? or voice specific stuff recording/transmission/playback?
    I would say take a look at the logs or increase log levels.

    If you're find with one PhotonVoiceNetwork, we could have one more optimization when it comes to rooms switching: voice client can remain on master server connected before joining a different room instead of disconnecting completely and having to go through custom authentication once more.

    You could also disable custom authentication for voice client (UsePunAuthValues = false) if not really needed.
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