Changing scene in room and spawning problem

Hello, first off all, excuse me for my english !

So, i explain my problem, i am creating a game with photon, when u launch the game, it try to join a random room, if there are no already created rooms, it creates one.
Then, other players are joining this room (wich i call the "waiting lobby") and the master client can start the game, it will load (with photonview.load and autosyncscene true) the "game scene".
Everything work fine for all, but the problem arrive when an other human (i will call him joe for the exemple) want to play, he will click on "join", and will join the created room if its not empty, he will join directly the "game lobby" so, but only for Joe, he will have the instance of the game objects which spawned on the last scene (of the waiting lobby scene) at their spawned position.

I use a static func for instantiate player/objects.

I don't have any idea of what happen, its like, Joe receive a message of the server like "these object have been spawned on the other scene and u didn't spawned them so spawn them now"

Any ideas or solution ? if u want to see my code just tell me, thanks !
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