Which solution is best suited to multiplayer VR - PUN2 / BOLT?

I'm working on a simple multiplayer co-op VR concept with unity (Quest 2, so Android build target), trying my hand at networking since I've not done it very much before, I think I've used bolt successfully for a simple project in the past (a couple of years ago can't remember exactly) but not sure whether bolt or pun 2 would be a better solution in this case?

I've looked through the comparison page but without proper experience I'm not sure exactly what the pros/cons of each package mean

A few notes about some things I'm hoping to achieve:
- User creates a lobby, 3 of their friends can find and join it, spawn a random procedural level (Level is created at start, shouldn't need to be updated as the level progresses), semi roguelite/like, enemies spawn, can be killed, drop loot, progress from different "runs" will be stored locally as I'm not bothered about cheat prevention.
Things i'd like to be replicated to all players:
- Other player transforms (head + hands) + info (username + health)
- Enemy transforms + health
- Visuals from other player actions (eg. gun shot trails)
- Physics on objects that are 'grabbable'? - this isn't key but would be nice
- Pickups / drops (items / what have you that would appear when an enemy dies)

From this summary what would the recommended solution be? Photon bolt or Photon PUN2?
Thanks for any suggestions.