Help - Minecraft Not Responding 1.14

How do I fix Minecraft 2019 not responding?


  • Try these fixes:

    Disable Discord Overlay.
    Remove incompatible software.
    Update your graphics driver.
    Run Minecraft as administrator.
    Disable Mods.
    Reinstall your Minecraft.

    REad detailed information at Minecraft Not Responding 1.14
  • Thank you and I will try that. :)
  • I don’t like to necropost, but I recommend you reinstall the game. If it doesn’t help, try to delete all the mods you’ve got. Also, as Howard has already mentioned, the reason might be the old graphic card drive. There can also be problems with the windows you’re using. Try to check for the updates. It might also happen because of the Minecraft server you use. Try to change it to one from this minecraft server list, and maybe this helps. Maybe the mods they use on a server are not compatible with your game client. There can be many reasons. It might also be because your RAM or CPU is overloaded with something like hidden crypto-mining programs.