New to network game programming have a few questions

Hello all! As per the title I am new to this but I know I am capable of achieving my goals.

My question regards handling network events in the project.

If I have a server authoritative/peer to peer model for my game (not sure what else to call this), how would I ensure that in case the server goes offline unexpectedly the game continues?

If one player hosts the game and everyone else is a client but say that the server player loses power all of a sudden, I presume there would not be enough time to send everything necessary to keep the game-state intact and running. So how do we handle this?

Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Are you using Photon?

    This topic is called host migration. You need to sync the world state in a way that someone else can become host. Also, all clients need to know where to connect to, if the current host drops or you need a connection via relay.