Errors in PUN lastest version (2.29)

In order to fix other issues I was having with PUN I decide to upgrade to the lastest version of PUN (2.29), my old errors fixed; nonetheless I found 2 errors in the Photon own scripts.

They both are about 2 methods that do not exist, SetOwnerInternal and SetControllerInternal (so I commented they out):


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited April 1
    Hi @ChichoRD,

    This is probably because you updated PUN2 and did not clean up Simple or did not update it.

    Simple is no longer included in PUN2 package.
    You need to download it and import it separately on top of PUN2.
    Read more here.

    If you don't use or need Simple, remove "Assets\Photon\PhotonUtilities" and "Assets\Photon\Simple" folders.
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