Command Line and connecting issues

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Hi, we are using the self-hosted Photon server to host our game, when we use PhotonControl.exe we can connect via Unity, but when we use the command line to start LoadBalancing ("PhotonSocketServer.exe /run LoadBalancing") and to set the correct IP we can't connect via Unity as it goes to ConnectingToMasterServer and after a couple seconds disconnects and throws ClientTimeOut error.

Everything is set properly because we can see it when we're using PhotonControl and the CLI together (LoadBalancing starts and the IP is set correctly). Any ideas why it won't connect? Are there any differences between starting LoadBalancing from PhotonControl and Command Line?


  • hi, @JD1337

    there should not be any difference. maybe you are using different config when start for command line

    what version of sdk are you using?
    could you provide logs from successful run and from unsucessful?

    logs are situated in two folders bin_win64/log and deploy/log

  • @chvetsov,

    I managed to fix it by calling the _run-Photon-as-application.start file that's comes with the server. This seems to work properly. I don't know why my code didn't work, but this works just fine.
  • great news

    thank you