A few basic questions

Hello, I'm working with unity + pun 2 and have the follwoing questions:
a) As I undrstand, with pun 2 one of the players becomes the host, can I force a server to be the host instead? No player for it, but just to be server.
b) Approximately how many players can be in game? Game is for exploration and some mini-activities.
c) If maximun number of players is allowed (for example 100), can some other rooms be automatically created? Somoething like: forest-level-1, forest-level-2, jungle-level1, jungle-level-2, etc.



  • PUN 2 is usually not used for dedicated hosting. The Master Client is just some player's client, which is also playing. The player who creates a room is the default Master Client. Running dedicated instances of Unity just to host a game is expensive. Do this only if you understand this well and have to run instances.

    We limit player counts to 16 per room for PUN 2 (but this can be configured on demand). It depends on the game, how many players can be in a room.
    Rooms will be created on the fly but there are no Unity instances running automagically per room.

    Photon Quantum is not as limited and deterministic without running Unity instances on servers. Photon Fusion is our upcoming solution (for other cases than Quantum) working with MonoBehaviours. It is also not as limiting in player and object counts.

    Let us know approximately what you plan to achieve and we can help better.
  • Thanks, I am kind of worried if player has a bad computer / mobile and has the overhead to host for several other players (was thinking about 100 for desktop // 30 for mobile). If not feasible, will lower player count, to 16 then (same count in mobile?).

    On rooms created on the fly, given I set opts.MaxPlayers for my room oprtions, do I need to do something else or will it be "auto load balanced"?

    If I understood correctly, I don't need a full physics deterministic simulation, as world to explore just checks for basic collisions / triggers. Maybe a raycast but just for UI. Would you advice on using quantum instead of Pun?

  • You should be aware that it usually makes a big difference if you go for 100 players or 16. In terms of performance (locally) it will already make a difference in many cases.
    Meaning: You should pick the goal you're comfortable with.
    And if you go for 100 players in a room you will likely have issues when your game is not being very well received.

    You set MaxPlayers and use JoinRandomRoom, so the server assigns you to the one that's the fullest (then the next, etc).

    I would possibly recommend PUN if you have no experience with networked games.
  • Thanks, will go with pun and test with a low number of users then (8-24). Just for reference, the 16 limit is changeable by MaxPlayers or is it hardcoded in server?