How can I get the value variable from prefab(Client)

I try to check player status when player status this game is win. but sometimes it work, sometimes it's not. Please help...
IEnumerator StartGame()
var ChkPlayerStatus = FindObjectOfType<PlayerControl>();
bool xx = ChkPlayerStatus.PlayerStatus; //Get Player staus from Player Control
if (!xx)
if (PhotonNetwork.IsMasterClient)
strRandomNumber = BallNumber[Random.Range(0, BallNumber.Length)]; //Master Client Random Number
photonView.RPC("RandomNumber", RpcTarget.All, strRandomNumber); //Send Random Number to all player

Debug.Log("win = " + xx);
PlayerStatus = true;
photonView.RPC("Bingo", RpcTarget.AllViaServer, PlayerStatus);
Debug.Log("now = " + xx);
yield return new WaitForSeconds(2);
} while (PlayerPrefs.GetString("HasPlayerWin") == "false"); //if player status not win(true)
txtWinner.text = "Has Player Win"; //For check that out of loop
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