Is this system possible with PUN and how would I even get started?

Hey there, So I'm looking to make my first Multiplayer game because idk it seems like fun and I could learn a lot..

But I'm really struggling to understand whether or not I could do what I want with PUN,

Users loads game into the main menu
Users can add friends to their party and thus adding them to a visible list
Users click play and are entered into a queue that searches for any games with open slots for all their party members
Once the game has all slots with players it will divide them into two teams and obviously party members would be on the same teams
All players are entered into a game lobby where they can chose their characters
Once the character selection timer runs out players are then sent into their game as the characters they chose

Sorry if my explanation is confusing or lacks information, I am literally just starting out and only have a basic game with Manually creating rooms and joining from a list, and then basic movement damage and particles setup..

If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I am sort of looking for a guideline of how I would actually go about doing all of this, as from my understanding there is just a Lobby that everyone joins but they are separate and per user and then you can go into a game, however as I said I want players to be able to enter a party lobby type system then be brought to a selection screen then into the game, that way if anyone is kicked for some reason it would not start the game its self and thus not actually affect any stats or playtime information, I'm not sure if I'm being dumb and just overlooking something very obvious or not..

Also if you have any advice on formatting my posts that would be great because I feel like I'm just making a big block of confusing garbage..
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