Hiring Network Engineer - PUN2

Project : Social VR game with a focus on positive and meaningful connections between users. Our mission is to stand up against cyber bullying and toxicity in games.

Looking for: Unity3d Network Programmer

Skills: * Network Programming with PUN2, PUN voice, bolt (Mandatory)
* Knowledge of Networking API (Analytics, Playfab etc.) (Mandatory)
* VR Programming (oculus Quest 1-2)
* Experience with 3rd party plug-ins (VR framework, gesture & voice detection etc.)
* Strong C# object oriented programming skills
* ScriptableObject understanding
* Strong analytical skills
* Familiar with performance bottlenecks and ways to resolve them, multi-threading, OS concepts, System programming etc.
* Strong debugging and trouble-shootings abilities
* Should be able to adapt to new technologies, fast changing technological environments

Length of project: On-Going, Years

Rates/Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, etc.

Contact Method: DM

Job info: Join an enthusiastic team of 5 developing a unique social VR experience. To find out more details DM me.