PhotonNetwork.Instantiate stops working


I am not sure if I am missing something basic but here we go.

I am instantiating prefabs items (from the resource folder with photonView attached) on a virtual table that the player can pickup (its in vr not that it matters).
When a player picks up an item I make it a child of the player object and disable the photonView on the item (I do this with a RPC called pickupMethodName for the view on the player) so that is synchronizes more smoothly to other players (i'm simplifying what I did but it works fine).

Now the real problem:
When I slightly increase the nr of items that I spawn on the table (there are around 40ish view's in total nothing super crazy). I suddenly get the error Received RPC "pickupMethodName" for viewId 1001(the view of the player that picked it up) but this photonView does not exist .....

I feel like I hit a default setting that I am not aware of and the app starts to recycle pun views or something.

Does anybody have a idea of what my problem could be?
I hope I have described my problem well enough.
I would appreciate suggestions on how to fix it.

Thank you.


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