List of rooms while in room


I have a setup where I have a lot of rooms and I can visit them all. But some rooms can be "instanced" - any user can create his own copy of that room or should be able to join any copy of the room created by other users.

I have a problem when it comes to show the list of a particular copies of room to user. Basically I need to get the list of all rooms that exist on the server and filter them out by name (copies have the room name as a prefix: Conference_1, Conference_2, etc.). I tried to use this example (the one with Custom Room LIsting):

But each time I call "PhotonNetwork.NetworkingClient.OpGetGameList(sqlLobby, sqlLobbyFilter);"
I get this error:
Operation GetGameList (217) not allowed on current server (GameServer)

What do I do?


  • You only get a room list while being on the Master Server (and not in a room).
    This is by design.
  • That's some design... So no options for me here, but to make some external webserver, where I will literally store rooms and send them to users when needed?
  • There are four options:
    - not list rooms while players should be playing
    - use the LoadBalancingClient class to connect to the Master Server, join a lobby and fetch the list (+1 CCU each)
    - keep the list externally
    - host Photon Servers yourself and modify them to update one another