Photon Public Server


I have recently looked into photon. The problem i have currently is i want to make a public game but i don't know how to change the IP of the photon server.
I can change it all on the unity side fine but i can't seem to figure out where to change it for server. It keeps running on local IP.



  • Tobias
    Photon will use whatever IP is available on the machine you run it on. This is almost always a local-network IP.
    You will need to find out how your router / dsl modem can be configured to forward incoming requests on certain ports to the machine you are running Photon on.
    The clients have to connect to the "public" IP you get. Unless you pay for a static IP, it might change.

    We described how to setup Photon (but not how to configure your router) here: ... ng_started