4-1-1-0 Updates

Hey! Just noticed a few small things in the 4-1-1-0 changes I figured I'd mention.

In Photon-Javascript_SDK.js, line 1894 added a comment:
`@property {string} [options.region] If specified, Connect ro region master after succesfull connection to name server`
Should probably be
`@property {string} [options.region] If specified, Connect *to* region master after *successful* connection to name server`

line 1910 has this comment:
`//var k: keyof typeof options;`,
seems like maybe it was accidentally left in, seems to be an unused line not a comment.

line 4362 also has unnecessary comment slashes
// @borrows Photon.LoadBalancing.LoadBalancingClient#connectToNameServer

Just thought I'd mention! Nice changes on exposing _customProperties, and much appreciated on adding setMasterClient