Questions about Self Hosted Server

edited February 2021 in Photon Server
I'm working on a project using PUN, unfortunately some users have poor internet connection and would like a LAN version. Is it possible for players to host a self-hosted server as a LAN server and if so, are there any limitations to this? On the website it says 500 CCU per app/server, does this mean I can only run 1 self-hosted server for my project?

I know it requires an internet connection to do a license check and that's ok.


  • For Photon Server you need one license "seat" per machine, correct.
    So if you have a subscription for one machine you are allowed to use that license on one machine.

    Besides that, you are not allowed to distribute Photon Server SDK with your game.
  • Thanks for the clarification! Bit of a bummmer though. Is there really no other way for players to have a LAN/self hosted option?
  • Sorry, LAN play is not our use case with Photon Server.

    Our upcoming Fusion product might be of interest to you, but that is in alpha state - feel free to reach out at [email protected] .