Pun and PunVoice2 in one selfhosted instance?


is it possible to use a local self hsoted server (OnPremise) and run pun and pun voice2 on it, or do we need 2 hosts for that?

We would like to run pun and punVoice2 on our local test server, but did not know how to do it with just one photon instance running.

Can you give us an example if we need to configurate it.

Besides that we would also like to have webhooks enabled for pun and punVoice2 on the instance. Is this possible, too, or are we limited to one webhook setup?

Thank you.



  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @AndreWe,

    Easiest way is to simply connect to one server, both clients (PUN & Voice) will connect to it. Just set the server address and port in PhotonServerSettings.
    They will join different rooms though (Voice adds a suffix to PUN's room name in default PUN integration).

    You can only setup one plugin though per game server (one web hook).
    You can modify web hooks plugin to suit your needs or identify PUN vs. Voice based on room name (Voice room name has a suffix "_voice").
  • AndreWe
    Thank you, we'll add the check with the room name.