Can't connect to localhost on one computer (can on another)

Hello. I'm using the next scheme:
1. I launch photon control and select local IP as public (for example
2. Start Load Balancing instance as application.
3. On the same PC I launch my server app, written in Unity. In it I connect to (PhotonNetwork.ConnectToMaster("",_port,_appId);)

It always worked during the develolpment. Even builded server worked on my PC. But when I try to launch whole system on client PC, server app can't connect to local photon. It stucks on status 'Connecting to master server' for a couple of tens of seconds and then server app disconnects with cause 'Disconnected by client logic', but i do not call Disconnect anywhere.

What may cause this behaviour?


  • hi, @Dimar


  • Dimar
    edited February 2021
    Will check. But I don't know it firewall can block requests to localhost. And also server receives some first request from Photon, because if Photon ia not started, it fires error immediately and not after a ten second.
  • hi, @Dimar

    could you provide logs? I need logs from folder bin_Win64/log and from deploy/log. and also config for your server