7 - Player Networking - I cant add observed component

When i try to do it
Back to Unity editor, Select the My Robot Kyle prefab in your assets, and add an observe entry on the PhotonView component and drag the PlayerManager component to it
I get it
PhotonView Detected you dropped a Component missing IPunObservable Interface,
You dropped a <com.MyCompany.PlayerManager> instead. It's been removed from observed field.



  • I'm dealing with the same thing and finding precious little information on how to fix it. This tutorial honestly feels pretty broken. I've had to go in and fix several issues with it, but I'm still stuck on this one.

  • The PlayerManager needs to implement the IPunObservable interface.

    The tutorial may be slightly incorrect / outdated in some cases but the focus is on explaining the basics / ideas. If you run into bigger issues, let us know.