Some Prefabs keep losing their state assignment after switching branches in Git


I have two main branches in my game's Git repository: develop which is the main development branch and bolt-integration which is a fork of develop. I mostly work on bolt-integration but sometime I have to go to develop to make some change (after that I merge those changes into bolt-integration). I should mention that the develop branch does not have any files related to or using Bolt and - as the name suggests - my whole integration with Bolt - including addition of Bolt's unity asset/package - is happening in the bolt-integration branch.

I have encountered this problem at random occasions before but recently it has become more consistent and I cannot call it random anymore; Whenever I switch back to bolt-integration from develop, some of the Prefabs (recently a fixed set of Prefabs) lose their state assignment; Every time I make this switch I have to reassign the state to those Prefabs and compile the Bolt; The interesting part here is that in the Prefab file I can see the _prefabId already has a value before and after the state assignment and it has value in my actual Git repository on GitHub.

This is a vary annoying problem as the current set of problematic Prefabs includes around 12 prefabs and reassigning the states takes sometime; This is a error prone procedure and since needs a Bolt compile at the end it generates some changes in the project which I have to commit every time.



  • Hello @Aydin ,

    Do you have the ".meta" files from those prefabs also tracked by Git?

    This may not be directly related to Bolt, although the issue is with one of the Bolt components, it seems to be more related to how Unity serializes the components data.

    Ramon Melo
    Photon Bolt Team
  • Yes, they are tracked. For completely another reason I removed Bolt completely and then reimport it; It seems the issue is fixed for now. I will update this thread if I see it again.
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