Goals of Multilisteners

chvetsov mod
edited November 2010 in Photon Server
Hi, there!

I'm curious about goals of multilisteners.
I inserted new listener in config.
yes, it works. But I can't detect from which listener connection comes from.

What is the goal of multilisteners?



  • dreamora
    That you can have support for multiple network devices on the server which for larger scale servers is very common that you are not connected to a single interface only (as gbit gets overloaded rather fast so you have 2-3 gbit)
    Another reason is that you might have a cluster of servers in which case oyu need to listen basing on the local LAN IP and the external one (not sure if multi config is required here)
  • Boris
    it's also useful if your application needs to run on multiple ports for some reason.
    There is a getter for the local port in photon, this is a good indicator to determine the used listener.
  • chvetsov
    Thank you guys for quick replay.
    It is very good news