Change UDP socket buffer size (bottleneck?)


As far as I understand, the network communication for self-hosted Photon Servers is done via socket buffers, whose size may be a communication bottleneck? Is there a way to read/write UDP socket buffer sizes of the server?

I know there are server config commands, such as:


But do they modify the socket buffer sizes? Please explain.



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    hi, @huyaks69

    Udp buffers are allocated once during peer creation. The sizes of such buffers are set in config and you can not read them

    Those sizes were not the problem for developers for last 10 years with all kind of games. So, if you have issue with those buffer than most probably you do something wrong. That will actually mean that your client can not receive so much data. and you need to optimize your traffic

    in very rare cases when developers have their own cloud we may increase those sizes


    PS: stupid nick
  • But what parameter exactly is responsible for the buffer sizes? Is changing MaxQueuedDataPerPeer enough? There is also the RecvBufferSize in UDPListeners:

  • yes, MaxQueuedDataPerPeer is enough
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