100 or 200 users in room

Is it feasible to have 100 or even 200 players in a room using the on premise server setup? I only need to sync X and Z position of players and it doesnt need to be very precise, so I can have less messages sending per second. Would be using websocket protocol I guess as am using this in WebGL

Is it reasonable to do If I use a powerful server hardware? Or would 50 users be doable?

Also is there a very specific guide on setting up a server? I couldnt find in the documentation anything that recommend which linux distro to use and how to install etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • hi, Luke1024

    Yes it is doable. However you will need to tune a lot

  • ilya,

    Thanks so much for the comment. What do you mean by tune? The trouble is this will be a one day game event so I dont have much option to test in advance.

    I could rent some heavy server with 16 cores, 256gb ram etc. Would that help? Or would it be more a case of interest management etc?
  • our servers handle up to 5K players and they do not need 256 Gb of memory. 8 is more then enough. You will need bandwidth and CPU. But there is one more issue that you can not handle by server hardware. it is client hardware. it can be easily overwhelmed by amount of messages that are generated by users in one room. This is the place where you have to tune a lot.