CCU 2,000 + ccu


wondering IF we know the cost or if Photon 2 is possible to take over 2,000 ccu? maybe if its 3,000 or 4000? what would be the cost etc.?


  • Hi @siten0308.

    You will have a very hard time, getting your hands on a Photon 2 server nowadays, as Photon 2 has been replaced by Photon 3 about 10 years ago. The current version of Photon is Photon 5.

    That said, as scaling over multiple server instances is a feature that has only been introduced with Photon 3, Photon 2 is limited to what a single game server instance can handle.

    Depending on your specific game logic and the server hardware that you use, a single game server is usually able to handle about 1,000-5,000 CCU, with the lower end of this range being true for games that sent a lot of messages (typically fast paced games) and the higher end for games that send a low amount of messages per second (typically turn-based games).

    Starting with Photon 3, the upper CCU limit is determined by what the master server of a Photon cluster can handle, which is usually at least 50,000 CCU, but can be as high as 200,000 CCU or even higher, depending on how much time your clients are on the master and not inside game rooms and if you let them join a lobby of type 'default' to receive the list of open rooms, when they are not inside a room.

    With Photon 5 the upper CCU limit is determined by how much server hardware you are able to rent, as you can have multiple server regions and multiple server clusters per region. So, theoretically you could even have every single person in the world connect to your Photon servers at the same time, resulting in over 8 billion CCU, as long as you are able to rent enough server hardware for that.

    With Photon Cloud (which always runs the latest Photon server version, so currently Photon 5 + some stuff that has not been released as server SDK yet) there is no upper limit, so again, you have have billions of concurrent users, but you need to subscribe to Photon Premium Cloud for more than 2,000 CCU and to Photon Enterprise Cloud for more than 50,000 CCU, as the Public Cloud is limited to 2,000 CCU per app and the Premium Cloud to 50,000 CCU per app. There is no upper limit for the Enterprise Cloud, though.

    In case that you are not actually talking about Photon 2, but about PUN 2:
    PUN Classic and PUN 2 both connect either to Photon Cloud or to a self-hosted Photon Server instance, depending on your server settings, so the above still applies.
    However as in somewhat recent PUN versions, including all PUN 2 versions, we don't guarantee compatibility to Photon Server 3 and older anymore, self-hosted Photon server,s to which you want to connect with PUN 2, should run at least Photon Server 4, which also happens to be the oldest Photon server version, that we still offer for download.
  • cool thank you, you mentioned Photon 5, is there a link for photon 5? i only see photon 2: is there also a link to the benefits of using photon 5 compared to 2? is it called photon realtime? etc.
  • Hi @siten0308.

    You have linked to PUN and not to the Photon Server SDK.
    The major version of PUN currently is PUN 2. As I have already outlined in my previous post, the major version of PUN is not to be confused with the major version of Photon itself.
    PUN 2 is not Photon 2, but PUN 2 is simply a Photon client, that is compatible to Photon 4, Photon 5 and Photon Cloud.

    The Photon 4 and Photon 5 Server SDKs can be downloaded at

    Photon Realtime is another Photon Client and usually shares the major version with Photon Server. However itt is currently still on version 4, although it is compatible to Photon 5 servers.

    Photon Realtime is the main Photon client in the sense that it provides all the basic functionality and the other clients like PUN, Photon Bolt, Photon Voice and Photon Quantum all sit on top of the Realtime Client and call teh Photon Realtime APIs to implement their own features on top of it.
  • Hello,

    I am using PUN 2 and have a similar question in regards to scaling. Say your game does need to scale, how does the price scale after the 2000 ccu limit is pushed??

  • H @lizondo .

    2000 CCU is the max plan that is offered on the Public Cloud.

    Above that number you need to either use the Premium Cloud or the Enterprise Cloud.

    Premium Cloud supports up to 50000 CCU. For anything above that the Enterprise Cloud is mandatory.

    You can simply scroll down on the pricing page at to see the pricing for the Premium Cloud.

    For the Enterprise Cloud pricing you need to write us an email to [email protected].