How to install Pun Voice 2 on an existing Pun2 installation

We want to use Pun2 and Pun Voice 2 in our app. The unity assetstore shows, that Pun2 has a more recent version then Pun Voice2. So the question is:

A: Should we use Pun2, and install Pun Voice2 on top of it and only apply changes for the PhotonVoice folder and keep the other Photon folders like from the Pun2 package?


B:Just use Pun Voice 2 as it is (blank installation) and use an older version of Pun2 which is included in this package, compared to the Pun2 package alone?

From there is a the following sentence:
f you already use PUN and want to add Voice, it is preferable that you clean up PUN and import Photon Voice only

At the end of the day, that would mean that the Pun Voice 2 package should be installed alone, but as I pointed on top: this package is not as up to date, as the Pun2 package alone. Maybe some of the developers can help us here :)


  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2021
    Hi @AndreWe,

    Thank you for pointing this out!

    Always import Photon Voice 2 only.
    Changes from PUN 2 version 2.26 (included in Photon Voice 2.22.3) to 2.27 are not big so you can use the version in current/latest Photon Voice 2.
    That being said Photon Voice 2 with latest PUN 2 will be released soon (next week).
  • AndreWe
    Okay, nice to hear. We did it like that allready and it works as expected! Thank you.