[Game] Fly Chicken

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Fly Chicken

Cross the haunting Forest, against breathtaking scenery, chicken eating plants and giant spiders! Challenging yourself and jump into Hyperspeed modes and collect coins as many as you can.

- Game play developed based on Windows Phone platform;
- Rich game elements for players to enjoy;
- Nice and unique graphic design;
- Easy and fun controls.
Available at Windows Phone Marketplace: http://goo.gl/zLfBe



  • Does it have multiplayer? ;)
  • Hi Tobias,

    Thanks a lot for your visit! But sorry that we don't have the multiplayer function on this game.

    Also, nice to meet you. ;)
  • You definitely should have multiplayer. You know, Photon is great for that ;)
  • Wow!, Tobias, glad you come back!

    Thanks for the suggestion, we really appreciate. It's interesting to hear idea from folks on board like this and we would consider for future updates. :)

    Once I have update of this game and/or any other new releases, will certainly come to post here.
  • I tried to install it to my android, but there was an error
  • Its my favorite game but when i installed my computer then this game is no play due to some error. Please tell me its solution.
  • Simple and challenging infinite-flying chicken game, do your best to score higher than others and unlock achievements.*- Unlocking achievements and viewing High Scores leaderboard; logging into your Google account is required in order for the scores to be automatically sent, as well as for viewing achievements and leaderboard.*- If you have any questions, feedback, bug reports, suggestions, or any other issues please feel free to contact me right away