Indie dev - looking for advice

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Hello all,

My name is steven porter, I have a team of 5 developers/designers. (we are looking for more)

We were looking at using UDK/Unity to develop an online game until I spotted that the max player count is 64 in UnrealEngine3. My team and I are looking for an engine that would be server based and hold anywhere from 1 - 2000 players. Also the terrain would need to be deformable in-game by the players e.g. using a spade to dig a trench or a pickaxe to create a cave.

Can anybody lend a hand either with the project or by pointing us in the right direction?

Many regards from myself and the team.


  • This will be some serious work, independent of what you use I guess.
    I'm not aware of any engine that will transfer terrain deformation on its own and with a server that holds this many player you will actually not get around a cluster setup to represent areas through distinct nodes.

    With unity you won't have the terrain deformation transfer problem, basically just due to the fact that you can't create caves. You would have to create an own voxel terrain system for such a case in which case you can also represent the modifications you apply in a form you can syncronize :)

    As for the max player count in UE3: Thats incorrect. It might potentially be the max per instance on UDK, but that does not prevent you from scattering it over servers and especially modify the server if you really license UE3 (see Global Agenda, a UE3 MMO FPS)