PhotonControl license and running offline


I need to use photon server offline without any network connection. One month ago, we had problem launching the server, it was not starting anymore. I solved the problem by adding a free license file. Before that, we were using the server without license file.
Today, same problem again, by reading carefully the license documentation, I found out that Photon needs to check the license. So I removed the license file and finally, the server started to work again with 20CCUs instead of 100CCUs which is not a problem for my use case.

My question: Is there a way to configure photon in order to work completely disconnected from internet ? with a commercial license or whatever.



  • hi @cedtat

    No, there is no way

  • Hi Cedric,

    for an offline use case, you need a special license. Please reach out at [email protected] to discuss.

    Note: running without or with a free license file is not permitted for production/commercial installs!