Can a client be in more than one room ?

The question is in the title, is it possible for a player to be in several rooms at the same time ?
I searched and I found that the answer is no, that is why I'm posting here to know if there is a solution in Photon for this problem:

To put it simply (the game is very different and more complex), it is a game similar to chess where the player manipulates a king and can only see the 9 adjacent squares (top, bottom, top-right, ...) . He can move to one of these squares (because he is the king), when he moves, he then sees the 9 new adjacent squares. He also sees when another player moves.

Suppose the game contains 10,000 players. This implies that if there are many rooms (one room for a number of squares), for certain movements, it will be necessary to move from one room to another. The player will therefore not be able to see the players in the squares of the room he left unless we can send messages from one room to another or from a lobby to a room. Another solution would be to group all the players in one room, but like I said the game is more complex, movements are not the only messages to send.

Thank you for reading and for suggesting me a solution.


  • Short answer: This is not supported. Sorry.
    You could use the Photon Server SDK to build something like this. Also Photon Chat might be vaguely fitting but overall, we do not support this game architecture well due to complex scalability.
  • My idea was to use PUN with a room but I forgot that there is a limit on the number of messages per room per second. I guess I'll be using Photon Server but I'm not very advanced in low-level networking so I have a few questions to ask:
    - Assuming I have the skills required, can Photon Server do it? I just need interest management with multiple players, I don't need rooms or game sessions.
    -Would it be better to use another solution (Mirror, MLAPI...), is that going to save me much more time?
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