Photon MMO style

Hey guys,
Im creating an multiplayer game. I downloaded photon from the unity assets store. All the tutorials I can find on it are for room based games. What if I dont want separate rooms? Just one server that everyone connects to after they log in. Is there a tutorial for this? Can someone explain to me how to do it? Also if I have already coded a bunch for the game before it was multiplayer do I have to rewrite that?


  • dreamora
    Then you can not use PUN
    PUN is exclusively for room based games basing on the Load Balancing server / Photon Cloud

    for your purpose you would download the regular unity client sdk + the photon server and use the MMO application
    But there will be no tutorials for that I fear (and they wouldn't make much sense as you need to really dive in and work with it, its no base platform you will work with with only a few hours of investment like PUN)
  • Tobias
    Dreamora is right: The Photon Unity Networking is meant to imitate Unity's own networking and is fully room based.

    Are you planning an open-world-style game? If not, then the Rooms might be ok for you. If the groups of players are not "endless", then you could add some simpler interest management than what is done in the MMO Application.

    If you are going open-world, then download the "regular" client and server SDKs from:
    The MMO Application implements Interest Management in a static grid per world. It does not use level geometry or physics server side but is already pretty complex. You will need to code a lot on your own, as this is just a framework / skeleton.