Best way to manage occupancy of interactable gameobjects ?

I am working on a project that lets the players in the room interact with the environment objects. For instance players can sit on the couch. I figured that assigning photon view component to all the interactables in the scene would be bad since I am planning to have tons of interactables in the scene. So, what would be the best way to handle such a situation ? I have made it working with one InteractableManager gameobject that has photonview and manages the occupancy for all interactable gameobjects listed inside it. But if a player joins the room while someone is sitting on a chair, that interactable will still be considered as empty on the new player's client. I can request for the current occupied interactables list from the masterclient and use it as base on the new player's client but all this felt a bit clumsy and felt like maybe I am taking the difficult route and maybe that there is an easier, better way. And that is why I am here :)

I am still an amateur when it comes to networking and this is one of my first projects that has multiplayer. Any insight would be really helpful :) Thank you !
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