Photon Converter crash unity editor

I don't know why but I had to comment out this line in order to avoid unity to crash constantly (Editor/PhotonNetwork/PhotonConverter.cs) :
static void Output(string str)
      //  Debug.Log(((int)EditorApplication.timeSinceStartup) + " " + str);

Hope it will help.


  • thanks for the heads up.

    When does it crash, when running a conversion only?
    Also, what Unity version are you using and on what platform?
  • I don't test if it crash in another case, because conversion was for me the first step for using PUN...

    Unity 3.5.2 pro on Windows 7.
  • We checked the code and it shouldn't be a problem. It's nothing special and only stuff Unity provides. It also runs in 3.5.2/Win7 here.
    You should check the Editor log after the crash and if that doesn't give you a clue, you should report a bug to Unity.
  • I've already check the editor log, and I won't report it to Unity... don't misunderstand but I just don't have time to.

    Anyway, thank you for your feed back.

    If anyone have the same trouble, the solution stay the same ;)
  • Reporting this issue to Unity would only take a minute. Skip a post here and use the bug report in the Editor.
    If there's no log entry and nothing, it's nearly impossible for us to help. If we could at least have a look at you project...
  • My project size exceed 1.5 Go (800Mo compressed). If I want to report to Unity I should upload it via a ftp, or make a simplier project with the same error.
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