How to create two groups (Police and Thief) and Bootcamp?

Hello Can anyone help me, I have the example of bootcamp and would like to add a new feature. I need to create two groups (Police and Thief), allowing the player to choose the group. Another thing, where I could get in touch via e-mail support?


  • You can write to if needed but support via forum might give you the same or better results. We're active here, too.

    As for the help question: There are many ways to achieve this. As example, when the user selects one group, set a actor/player property. This is synced and available for players shortly after joining a room.
    This should be: PhotonNetwork.Player.SetCustomProperties()
  • :?: But where should I put this code, you could post a small script. I'm new in the Photon, and I'm lost.
    I confess I'm hoping to solve that we buy our monthly package of the photon.
    Thank you!
  • you would put it onto the master client which manages the teams etc

    There is no specific place for it as the code structure is up to you, the only thing that matters is that its done by the client thats marked as master client (the one opening the room)