why does the editorSceneManager all of the sudden not have a definition for isGameObjectInScene?

hello, I have a problem. I downloaded and imported photon PUN in unity, and followed a video that told me how to set it up. everything was working fine at first, (after I fixed a few errors.) but then randomly while I was working on a gun script it gave me this compile error. (the gun script had and still has no errors.)

Library\PackageCache\[email protected]\PostProcessing\Runtime\PostProcessManager.cs(424,62): error CS0117: 'EditorSceneManager' does not contain a definition for 'IsGameObjectInScene'

I dont understand what this means. I believe it started after I imported a particle effects pack so I could add bullet holes and muzzle flash to my gun. I double clicked on the compile error and found the line it said was wrong.
this is the line in the script that the compile error said was wrong: (line 424.)

? UnityEditor.SceneManagement.EditorSceneManager.IsGameObjectInScene(volume.gameObject, customScene)

does anyone know what is wrong with this line or what the compile error means? please help!
I have not messed with this script or any other photon pun script.
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