Orphaned instantiated objects persist on scene change


In this scenario I need to use Clean up cache = false - we want spawner objects to stay in the scene.

We have MC (master client) and C (client). MC and C grab and spawn different gameObjects during the scene. On PhotonNetwork.Instantiate, the object is owned by the person who spawned it. Let's say each player spawns 3 objects each. These are now orphaned. MC hard disconnects and C is now NewMC. NewMC changes scene. OldMC rejoins as NewC and can see the objects he spawned that were orphaned that were spawned in a different scene.
Can anyone help with what is going on here please.


  • Hi @PageyD,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    There are a lot of factors here: disconnect, master client change, rejoin and scene loading.

    Could you clarify a bit by making a list of simple steps? (each step on one line instead of a paragraph and if possible provide the PhotonNetwork API method used) to reproduce and also provide expected behaviour vs. current actual behaviour.
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