Multiple other avatars after they change levels, and new character joins

Hi folks,

Latest version of PUN2, Unity 2020.1.15

If I have two characters join a room ( a waiting room scene ), I can then lock the room and jump through two more rooms ( game level and leaderboard ), and back to the waiting area - everything works great. There are no duplicate players in either of the two instances of the game.

If I then unlock the waiting room and then a third player joins, there are additional instances of those two player characters on the third instance of the game only, and they are located depending on where they get created in the other scenes.

If I then run the three characters through the sequence of rooms and return, there are no extra instances of the characters in any of the scenes.

I've noticed other people having a similar issue when I did a search of the forums, but I didn't find a clear solution that would help me in this case.

I'd be grateful for any info you can give to help me resolve this! For now I'm just not going to unlock the room, but that's not ideal.