PUN mesh problem

Well it is difficulty to explain because there is no answer i can find for my problem but here is the problem-- My network is made with the master i join a lobby and every thing works but idk why photon view is not showing the remote user prefab which is in the Resources folder obviously.the connection is made i am streaming the data everything seems fine i used debug.log to check it the stream data from the remote is actually coming or not i am getting the exact location of the remote user but i cant see its mesh and the model i used is made with blender if that helps its in dae format and i can guarantee u that photonview and photon transform view is there and running. Well how do i instantiate the remote on master and vice versa? I am instantiating the players with another script if u want i can send the scripts too.

So what is wrong in this? According to me everything should work but idk why prefab mesh is not showing the remote in master and master on remote

Hope u help me thanks in advance

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