Can I install 1 license on multiple machines?

How exactly does the photon licensings work, I currently have 3 x 500ccu licenses..

Can I only run photon on 3 different machines?

Or can I run any amount of servers I need on any number of machines ... so long as its the same app and I stay within the CCU limits of the license?


  • hi, @jCan
    No, I think you can not

    please write this question to [email protected]

  • Technically you can use a license on more than one server. Legally and regarding our terms you need a license "seat" per machine you are using a license on. The free 100ccu and trial license may only be used on one server at a time and for development only (i.e. not production). For paid licenses you need an according subscription. If you are using your license on too many servers, the license might get blocked (we usually reach out before). If you have special needs, please read out via support email (looks like you already did).
  • Alright, I reached out to [email protected]

    I am hosting my own rooms so I can use unity's physics/AI in an authoritive way.
    This does limit how many players I can have on one VPS due to performance limits though. So I have to operate multiple VPS's to meet player demand.

    It would be nice if I could install an unlimited license on multiple servers, since i'll never be able to operate thousands of rooms on one machine.

    Buuttt right now I know I am a black sheep for using this setup but it works suprisingly well for me.
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