How to edit current room's options isOpen after loading scene?

I am making a MOBA game.
Everything seems to work well until I recently discover that other players cannot join a room with the given name
I made many debugs and discovered that all the rooms after loading scene had been already close, invisible while the total players < maxplayer number.
It means that masterclient have to open and make the current room visible so that other players can join this room.
How to edit the roomoptions.isOpen = true?


  • When a client is in the room, it can set Room.IsOpen.

    The server may close your room, if it feels the room is being flooded with properties and events for the event cache.

    Do you make use of that a lot?

    PUN 2 has a Realtime API that gets an error message for this case but we'll also release this as .Net / Unity SDK on our page soon.
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