Question about Error 666


I wanted to ask you about an error we've been getting consistently in the last few weeks. Approximately five times, our custom server app has suddenly stopped working and showed the followed exception:

1796: 00:24:05.365 - JetByte.Socket.New.Stream.Socket.Connected.Internals|ERROR| S:000000000CFEEA90 - ReportError CStreamSocketInternals::ProcessQueuedCommand() - Unexpected exception, aborting connection - E: 666
1796: 00:24:05.396 - TCPInHost|ERROR| CTCPServer - OnError -S:000000000CFEEA90 - - Unexpected exception, aborting connection - The resource loader failed to find MUI file.

It usually happens when a new day begins (at midnight in the server time).

We'd really appreciate your guidance regarding why this is happening, and how we could fix it.

Thank you very much! All the best.


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