Hello. Where is the OnPhotonSerializeView on Corona?


  • I also did not find PhotonTime in the documentation.
  • What you're looking for is only available in the Photon UNITY Networking package for .. Unity.
    Lua has the Realtime API. Photon Realtime is described on the doc pages and the specifics for Lua are explained in the reference docs that comes with the API.
  • Thanks. The demo examples on Corona have the lines:

    Array = require("photon.common.type.Array")
    PhotonTime = require("photon.common.util.time")
    tableutil = require("photon.common.util.tableutil")
    byteutil = require("photon.common.util.byteutil")

    But I didn't find their descriptions in the reference docs.
  • Hi,
    The documentation for Photon Lua SDK "photon.common" namespace is incomplete. Only Logger is documented there. But you hardly need other objects in this namespace.
    In the chat demo, where code snipped probably copied from, only PhotonTime is used. But even it can be removed if you choose other way of random generator initialization.
  • I am trying to compensate for lags and I think the full documentation would be useful to me. Especially by PhotonTime