Connecting Unity and JS clients to the same room.

I am trying to make a very simple web client which can connect to a room created in PUN to listen for some events display information in the web client.

However I cannot seem to get the web client to see or connect to any of the rooms created by PUN.

I confirmed I am using the same app id, app version, and region.

PUN clients can connect to rooms created by other PUN clients, and likewise JavaScript clients can connect to rooms created by other JavaScript clients.

Am I missing something obvious?

I am happy to post my code if that is helpful.

Thanks in advance for any help


  • @vadim sorry if the tag was a bit premature - but seems like you are the only one really responding to questions here and I am frankly stumped
  • Just to try to rule things out, I created a fresh unity project and added the realtime sdk, not the PUN one, to see if that worked and ran into similar issues where I cannot seem to join rooms cross platform. I can only assume I am doing something incorrect here.
  • After digging through this for a few more hours and starting from scratch on a simple js implementation, I discovered that the PUN library appends the PunVersion to the app version - which is why my js code could not see/join rooms made in unity and vice versa.

    This seems less than ideal, but at least now I can move on.
  • @MarkZorn Sorry for the delay, You are right. PUN modifies app version string, so you need to change js version accordingly. You can find some details here
    The question is quite popular in this forum. For instance, see