Instantiate different prefabs on different platforms - how ?

I have this working on Unity / Oculus Quest:
The OVRHands are correctly instantiated and put into the scene.
I want to see a representation of the hands (cubes) on other platforms, that do not support OVR, example the Unity Editor, iOS, .... But when I instantiate a different prefab (a cube) it does not get synced with the incoming network messages - I assume this is because the prefabs name is different.

So how can I tell the photonview to use the same name/key/id as the ovrHands prefab has?


  • so, I found out, that the prefab is actually comming with the event from the server.
    So how can I alter this prefabname? There is no callback to process incoming data and I do not want to hack into the Photoncode.