iOS issue when updating XCode

Hi, I recently had to update Xcode, and when I did I now get an error when building. I'm trying to build the loadBalancing_swift demo, but I get the error

Library not found for -lCommon-objc_release_iphoneos

The only library linked is the loadBalancing-objc, and that doesn't have any dependencies or linked libraries.


  • Hi @ImMilesAhead.

    Please navigate to the target settings. Under "Other Linker Flags" the demo links to the Common-objc, Photon-objc and LoadBalancing-objC libs.

    However the demo should find those libs as they are included at the correct location inside the SDK (assumed that you did not move the demo elsewhere relative to those libs).

    Did you let Xcode auto-update the project file? Maybe it somehow destroyed the project that way.

    You can also just install your previous Xcode version again (you can rename your existing installation of Xcode to be able to install another version in parallel without overriding the existing one) and test if you can still build the demo with that version.

    Unzipping the SDK again and try to build the demo in the fresh unzipped version might also help in case that you modified your existing copy of the SDK somehow.

    Last but not least please let me know which version of Xcode you updated to, so I can verify that the demo builds for me with that version.