Why are clients receiving messages sent specifically to the master client?

EDIT: I found the issue, somehow the server was sending out one msg per action per player instead of sending all actions together. This is fixed now with the correct sendrate

I am currently doing a test to try and send messages only from MasterClient to Clients and from Clients to MasterClient.

I've set up so that the MasterClient and clients only send 2 msg each second with
PhotonNetwork.SendRate = 2;
PhotonNetwork.SerializationRate = 2;

When inspecting the traffic with the PhotonStatsGUI, it claims that the client is sending 2 msg/s, but receives 20 msg/s.

I am using PhotonNetwork.RaiseEvent and specifying that ONLY the MasterClient should recieve the event with
Photon.Realtime.RaiseEventOptions raiseEventOptions = new Photon.Realtime.RaiseEventOptions { Receivers = Photon.Realtime.ReceiverGroup.MasterClient };

When inspecting the Photon Dashboard it states that I am sending ~260 msg/s which is completely absurd as players can't send more than 2 msg/s and the only client who receives those messages are the MasterClient.
The MasterClient then sends 2 msg/s to each client (except himself).

Doing some quick math, this would mean that with 11 players in the game (One host and 10 players)

10 players * 2msg/s = 20msg/s to MasterClient
1 MasterClient * 2msg/s * 10 receiving clients = 20msg/s being sent out.

20msg/s + 20 msg/s = 40msg/s TOTAL

40msg/s is not ~260 msg/s as the dashboard claims.

What is going on here?
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