Audio using internal speaker when recording with with iOS14

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It looks like on iOS 14 the audio isn't forced to speaker anymore when recording. It used to work fine before, but now when the microphone starts, the audio is rerouted to the earpiece. If I stop/start the recording I can hear the audio switching from one to the other.

I tried using the forceToSpeaker script or calling SetIosAudioSessionParameter in a lot of different places, but that had no effect.

my setup:
Unity 2020.1.4f1, Photon voice 2.21
- using photon microphone
- mode: voice chat
- category: play and record
- options: default to speaker

Any help appreciated. Thanks!


  • Hi @Numa,

    Maybe this issue is happening in recent Unity versions?
    We give full support only to Unity LTS versions.
    Is this happening in 2019.4?
    For the other versions we try our best but we can't guarantee everything.

    So you tried all solutions suggested here?
  • NumaNuma
    edited November 2020

    Yes I tried all the solutions, and they worked fine before, for several months. I have the same problem using your demo scene with Unity 2019 LTS. I suspect something has changed in iOS 14 and the "default to speaker" option doesn't work anymore while recording. Could you please test with iOS 14.1 on your end and see if you can reproduce the issue?
  • Hi @Numa,

    We will try to reproduce and investigate this regression bug

    This may take a while though so bear with us, thank you for your patience and understanding!
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