Photon Voice not working in Hololens 2

Problem: Could not transmit or receive voice communication via photon voice.
  • Photon Voice Version : 2.19.1
  • Unity Version : 2019.4.9f1

  • Tried the same setup which is working for other devices like quest and desktop.
  • Tried loading the default photon demo voice scene.
  • Tried both unity and photon microphone in mic settings.Mixed reality capabilities are set for internet client and microphone as well, application asks permission to use microphone but still nothing works.
  • When simulated from unity editor to hololens 2 via holographic emulation, voice works on hololens.
  • Debug echo is enabled and that does not work either.
  • Tried this in an empty project which has only photon voice with debug echo enabled and it did not work.


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