iOS opRaiseEvent -> customEventAction loss parameter passing NSData


I'm user of iOS SDK, and there is something strange. I send NSData as parameters:
func opRaiseEvent(_ reliable: Bool, _ parameters: NSObjectProtocol!, _ eventCode: nByte) -> Bool

But I see nil in eventContent on receive:
func customEventAction(_ playerNr: Int32, _ eventCode: nByte, _ eventContent: NSObject!) 

In the same time, NSString passed and received normally well.

Is there a way to send/receive just byte data, like a NSData?

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  • Thanks you for reply.

    BTW, aim is serialization into "some raw bytes" – to let iOS clients and Android clients to exchange the data. Is it possible? I mean, if I use iOS-types, like a NSArray etc, then android-programmer can understand transferred types with photon-android-sdk, is it right?